Danger, which is important to know when you exit the binge

Any binge sooner or later ends. And well, if people will be able to recover, because he was waiting 4 the main danger.

Опасности, о которых важно знать при выходе из запоя

We will not talk about the dangers of drinking, and so widely known. Will point to only some of the dangers that lurk in the release of the binge.

The No. 1 hazard.

The tunnel strikes the consciousness of a person after prolonged intake of alcohol. In this state, to radically change the priorities. The level of intoxication leads to the fact that attention is focused only on alcohol. That is, people, even determined to stop drinking, breaks down easily at every opportunity to drink.

Danger No. 2

The cramping can even lead to cardiac arrest arise due to the violation of the potassium-sodium balance. Alcohol leaches potassium, which leads to such consequences.

Danger number 3

Insomnia, leading to the appearance of delirium tremens – another major aspect postnatalnogo state. Intoxication, together with the mind-altering insomnia lead people in inadequate condition.

Danger No. 4

Improper means is also often compound the hangover, instead of relief. Therefore much more correct to refer to specialists who are able to find the right medicine and ensure proper care. Don’t abuse alcohol and stay safe!