Dangerous diseases, which often develop without symptoms

The main danger of cancer in that cancer can long time does not manifest itself. But this behavior is typical of many dangerous diseases.

Опасные болезни, которые часто развиваются бессимптомно

One such disease is diabetes. Although every year the number of patients, and the doctors are doing everything to raise the awareness of patients about the symptoms of diabetes and the need for control of blood sugar, many people find out about the diagnosis after experience complications. As a rule, before they experience symptoms, but attributed them to the accident.

Very often secretly developing osteoporosis is fairly common disease among men and women of retirement age. This lack of calcium, of which the only symptom is often a fracture. Without worrying symptom for a long time can develop atherosclerosis and even hypertension.

Often, leaking can covertly liver disease such as fatty disease, cirrhosis and some forms of hepatitis. The liver is destroyed, but the patient doesn’t notice. Of the symptoms can distinguish drowsiness, recurring pain under the ribs on the right side, nausea.

Inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system tend to occur covertly. And some of them do not recognize even the doctor without special surveys. It is therefore very important to pay attention to all changes of the menstrual cycle, pain in the lower abdomen and changes in the nature of vaginal discharge.