Dangerous drugs from China suppliers: regulators warn against shopping at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is criticized for possessing “potentially unsafe” medicine and cosmetics, says USA Today.

Опасные лекарства от китайских поставщиков: регуляторы предостерегают от покупок в Dollar Tree

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Management under the control over products and medicines (FDA) sent a letter to the company, Greenbrier International Inc. It is more commonly known as Dollar Tree.

FDA requests Dollar Tree “to provide a detailed plan to ensure that Americans do not receive, and the company is not supplying adulterated drugs in interstate Commerce” as well as the audit plan providers.

Dollar Tree asked me to make an appointment within 15 working days of receipt of the letter.

“Americans expect and deserve medications that are safe, effective and consistent with our quality standards,” — said in a press release, Donald Ashley, the Director of the Division of compliance in the Center for evaluation and research of medicines.

“In this case, Dollar Tree’s primary responsibility is not to sell to Americans potentially unsafe drugs and other products regulated by the FDA”, he added.

In a letter to the Director General Dollar Tree Gary Filbin of November 6, the FDA identificeret Chinese manufacturers that were unable to test products, and “rodent feces were found all production facilities”.

According to the FDA, Dollar Tree received a warning letter in the period from 2016 to 2019.

Randy Giler, Vice President, Dollar Tree investor relations, said that the paragraphs referenced by the FDA was “actual and not consumed by the products.”

“We strive to ensure the safety of our customers and have implemented a very robust and rigorous test program to ensure the safety of the products of our third-party manufacturers,” said Gayler, noting that the company is cooperating and plans to meet with FDA in the near future.