“Dangerous loans”: NBU warns Ukrainians about fraud

«Опасные кредиты»: НБУ предупреждает украинцев о мошенничествах

The national Bank urged Ukrainians to be careful with credit “0%”. The loan rate is 0% can act just a week, that would pay the fines.

The national Bank advises Ukrainians to be careful to appeal to financial companies that provide loans “at 0%”.

This was stated by the head of the Department of consumer protection, the NBU Olga Labaychuk, the press service of the NBU.

The national Bank urged to carefully read the contract and check all the terms of the loan.

“Chip credits “under 0%” — this bet can act for a week. And then include fines, penalties, charges and extra interest. You will be surprised at the citizens we have met the maximum rate on the loan — 1702% per annum,” — said Labaychuk.

According to her, in working with citizens there is the difficulty, because man alone signed the contract with such conditions.

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“To protect your rights in this case, it is difficult. The only one who can help is the court,” she said.

Labaychuk reminded that since January this year, Ukraine has earned the protection of the rights of consumers of financial services and the national Bank began to work actively with banks, setting requirements for advertising and information on the website, which banks will have to follow from September.

Similar requirements are being developed for financial companies.