Dangerous to children: doctors in the US are sounding the alarm because of the flu virus this year

This year the flu outbreak in the United States will not be as dangerous, as it will dominate strain of the virus V. But the virus is much likely to become infected children and adolescents than adults and the elderly. This was stated by the infectious disease specialist Bernhard “BAA” Widermann, which for nearly 40 years, studying a range of infectious diseases from malaria to Lyme disease and fevers, reports USA Today.

Опасен для детей: медики в США бьют тревогу из-за вируса гриппа в этом году

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When the flu outbreak began in the fall several weeks earlier than usual, Bidermann and his colleagues at Children’s national hospital in Washington (D.C.) noticed that the main cause is a virus that usually does not appear until the end of the season. This virus is often picked up by children.

Although first signs indicate that the powerful strain A (H3N2) is the biggest problem in this season the Centers for control and prevention (CDC) stated that most diseases were caused by viruses of B/Victoria, and then viruses A (H1N1).

The largest number of cases in Louisiana, where pediatric institution in New Orleans reported on the 1 268 confirmed viral infections in children from 31 July to 21 November, which resulted in 23 hospitalizations.

At the national level activity of influenza virus is high and will remain so for several weeks, although the level of severity of the disease seems less than last year. Last season it was at least 9.7 million cases of influenza, and 87,000 hospitalized cases and 4,800 deaths.

More than 68% of the positive results of research in clinical laboratories have been associated with influenza B, which was not the prevailing season 1992-1993 For these infections account for nearly half of hospitalizations.

The symptoms are the same regardless of the virus: in many cases, the temperature rises, and starts a sore throat, cough, body aches, fatigue, runny or stuffy nose and headaches. But one significant difference is that this year many different viruses that most infected young people than elderly.

According to the CDC and Viderman, it is essential that children receive a flu shot even in this period of the season. In recent years, about 75% of children who died of flu were not fully vaccinated.

Nordlund said that data showing the effectiveness of the vaccine this season in the fight against common viruses will not be available until the end of February. Preliminary results inaccurate. But she added that such protection is better than nothing. In addition, studies have shown that the effects of infection with influenza less severe for those who are vaccinated than those not vaccinated.

CDC Widermann emphasize that flu vaccination is effective and is highly recommended for pregnant women regardless of trimester and for children six months and older that can take antiviral drugs such as “Oseltamivir” (known under the brand name Tamiflu) and others as early treatment or prevention.

Widermann, who is also a Professor of Pediatrics at the George Washington University, is concerned about the vulnerability of unvaccinated children to the virus, which is usually not a serious problem at this time of the season.


As previously reported ForumDaily:

  • In new York city 11-year-old boy died due to influenza, acute course of the disease led to cardiac arrest.
  • Calani Luca (Luca Calanni) from Hamburg contracted the virus in early 2020. The mother of three showed his doctors.
  • His family says he was vaccinated. However, the expert on influenza, National Institute of health (National Institutes of Health) explained that this year’s vaccine does not match the strain B – this is responsible for most severe disease and deaths of children.