Daniel Salem was shocked by a story about a difficult childhood in Lebanon

In eight years the star had to find a first job.

Даниэль Салем шокировал рассказом про тяжелое детство в Ливане

Sex symbol of the project “Tantsi z with a stars” and host of “Okugenda nolp” Daniel Salem through many trials in life before becoming what he is now.

In the “Life of famous people” Daniel told about his difficult childhood. Salem was born in Odessa. Mother — Ukrainian, and my father is Lebanese.

“We almost immediately moved to Beirut, we returned to Odessa just for one year, when there was a strong military position. Mom just hands me on the plane kept. We came for a year and then went back to Beirut”, — shared the leading.

Then in Lebanon there was a civil war. The family of Daniel lived in the time of need.

“We lived with my cousins. I have about 30 brothers and sisters. We lived under the same roof. We slept in one room, wall-to-wall,” recalls Daniel.

And when Daniel was only eight years old, the guy had to look for work.

“I remember I was very hungry, came home as always dirty, sweaty, did something and somehow flunked home. No one asked nothing, flooded home, got food, started eating, and dad is like: “Ana come here.” I come, something to chew, like Mowgli or something. He says: “from Now on, if you want food, you have to buy it. Next week you start work, choose the work himself for all I care,” — said Daniel.

The next day, Salem got a job as a Shoe Shiner.

“I took about a dollar per couple per day at least 50 people. I could afford to pay for a taxi home, I could pay for the food, I could. The dollar cost of bread. Not the loaf of bread, Lebanese and pita was 10 things. I’m well-fed, happy, I could afford everything I wanted”, — shared the leading.

But for a long time on the job Daniel is not delayed. Over the next seven years, the young man changed jobs at work. Worked as a waiter, and carried the suitcases to the hotel.

“I write porn on CDs and selling it in schools, I had access to the Internet. In Lebanon, it appeared much earlier than in Ukraine. Then I worked at some point, dad, dad started his business, he was doing satellite TV, I was kapelnikom in fact,” — said Salem.

And selling rubber Slippers in Egypt, sweeping the streets, painting the skin in Morocco. And all these professions the guy managed to learn by their 15th anniversary. And as soon as he felt he was on his feet… like a new challenge. At the age of 15 his mother died Daniel, and his father, when the lead was 25.

After the death of his mother, Daniel served in the army and finally decided for himself that he wants to live in Ukraine. Then the guy was going to be a doctor and enrolled in a Ukrainian University. However, the first year after moving was very difficult. Daniel did not understand the language. It took me a year to learn the language even two to get rid of my accent. “I still make many mistakes, but the main objective was to get rid of your accent”.

The guy finished University with the red diploma. Worked for a year in ophthalmology. And then I realized that medicine is not his. Daniel successfully passed the casting of the lead at the Odessa channel. A few years later engaged in the restaurant business. Daniel now lives in two cities at the same time. Shooting in Kiev. Own bars, but the most important is the family in Odessa.