Danilko commented on problems with the heart

Artist Danilko, who performs under the pseudonym Verka Serduchka, commented about the state of his health a Number of media reported that the silver prize-winner of “Eurovision-2011” there are problems with the heart. According to judges of the Ukrainian project “X-factor”, before shooting him just struck a nerve.

Андрей Данилко прокомментировал проблемы с сердцем

The rumors that Andrey Danilko was seriously ill, was not confirmed. The artist was surprised by the information that his health suddenly deteriorated. According to Danilko, the journalists always exaggerate the problem which is actually there.

At the same time, on 11 November, the singer appeared heart block. Recently hosted the shooting of the Christmas project, which will act Verka Serduchka. It is in the process of working on it Danilko felt a lot of fatigue. Despite his health, the actor continued shooting. However, many noticed that the skin of the singer has sharply turned pale, and he was difficult to talk.