Danilko told, what made the chest Verka Serduchka

So, in between contestants, the judge of the show Nastya Kamensky, being impressed from the performance of the contestants with 8 breast size Anna Important, suggested that the famous artist Verka Serdyuchka to create the same magnificent forms uses inflatable balls.

Андрей Данилко рассказал, из чего сделана грудь Верки Сердючки

She said Danilko, admitting that Breasts Serduchka foam. Although, in the old days instead of the foam used condoms. But they soon had to be abandoned because, according to the artist, was too ashamed, when they suddenly burst.

“Balls were in short supply, and condoms you could buy. And we Inka (ed. – Inna Belokon, a stage mom) to Krivoy Rog runs into a kiosk and say, “Give us 10 balls”, we answer that who has no balls. And we: “Well, then 10 condoms”, — said Danilko.