Dantes thanked Dorofeeva for the support

Vladimir Dantes and Nadia Dorofeeva – not only one of the most beautiful and strong pairs of domestic show-business, but also two creative individuals who can encourage and support each other.

Дантес поблагодарил Дорофееву за поддержку

Recently the singer opened with fanfare tour group “Time and Glass”, staged in Kiev spectacular show VISLOVO, which was attended by almost all of her star colleagues. Now came the turn of Vladimir-assert itself – he returned to the stage! The artist presented the video for debut solo song “you’re 30 Now” and said in instagram about the invaluable help of his beloved wife.

The composition was created in collaboration with singer Jerry Heil, which showed the world the hit “Protection, otma”. Vladimir told me that he removed the video until 4 am, and Nadia came to support her husband in spite of poor health. It was her faith and words of encouragement forced him to return to work.

“It would seem that all that has passed, I know how and what works around a lot of like-minded friends who are willing to support. My love Nadia Dorofeeva came to the shooting of the clip, although most had a terrible migraine. And we are left together at 4am. Here’s how loves. She me to all this “return” and pushed. And now, everything turned out and I am soooo happy and soooo nervous… that much I wonder what will happen next,” — shared his emotions the showman.

In turn, the singer wrote on his page that he was proud of her husband. It does not skimp on compliments and words of support for talented beloved.

“I love this song and the clip. Especially the moment where the road limit is 20 and you rapidly run … Vova, I congratulate you with your start! I really like your music , and I know what songs next!” — assured artist.

Subscribers Vova and Nadia decided to cheer musician. They praised his solo debut and asked him not to stop.

Video: YouTube/DANTES

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