Danuta Martyniuk is no longer stressed by criticism. She showed the haters where they belong. What is it about

The disco-polo king's wife rubbed the nose of those who said she looked like his mother.

 Danuta Martyniuk is no longer stressed by criticism. She showed haters where they belong. What's going on

There is no doubt that Zenek Martyniuk's long-term love for Danuta it is constant, deep and visible. The singer takes her very often on tours, whenever he is sure that he is going to a beautiful place where his spouse will feel good.

Danuta Martyniuk does not disappear from the tabloid headlines. Is it about her figure?

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She repeatedly stood with him on one stage and sang, as can be seen in many photos. They also show a slight fluffiness here and there, which was strongly commented on by the Internet user, especially in the case of Danuta Martyniuk. The hate intensified when their son Daniel swung around with the letter of the law, and his loud dissolution even jumped out of the icebox.

It was then evident that the main reason for the quarrels between the families was money , about which Danuta and Daniel mentioned at every step during their conversation with the press. On the other hand, Zenek and the “other side” of the conflict did not mention the matter of divorce at all, let alone money. This aroused antipathy towards Daniel and his mother, who stood up for him regardless of his son's offenses.

Now, skinny Danuta jumps out from everywhere, with new, fitted outfits shows how much work and money she put in, to lose weight and get a shapely body. Now let's hope that her troubles with haters will be gone for good, and that she will feel so comfortable with herself that her outlook on material things and money will change. Perhaps the tabloids will no longer write about the alleged crisis in the marriage of Martyniuk due to a young and slim model from Zenek's music video.