Dark chocolate protects against many diseases

Regular consumption of moderate amounts of dark chocolate can protect you from many diseases. To such conclusion employees of University of Louisiana (United States), which decided to devote the beneficial properties of chocolate large study.

Черный шоколад защитит от многих болезней

Scientists say that the benefits of chocolate is particularly evident right now — with the end of summer when people start to threaten the autumn Blues. Dark chocolate promotes the synthesis of the “happiness hormones”, plus it reduces levels of “stress hormones”, so that people who are prone to depression and irritation, should not be neglected.

But the main feature of dark chocolate is the protection against strokes and heart attacks. This property is provided by the flavonoids useful organic compounds that have a positive effect on blood vessels. The result is improved blood flow to the brain and other major organs.

“If you combine the dark chocolate varieties with probiotics, it is possible to enhance the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria that affect the immune system and other key systems of the body. Chocolate and probiotics is a great way to reduce the intensity of inflammatory reactions in the intestine that the most positive impact on the overall well-being” — the researchers note, adding that chocolate (in reasonable amounts) can protect against diabetes and prevent the development of liver diseases.