Dasha Astafieva admitted that for a long time met with Alfonso

Dasha Astafieva is a singer, actress and sex symbol was a favorite model of Playboy boss Hugh Hefner and 12-years — a soloist of the popular group NIKITA. Today the singer is building a career on their own. In “Sravi way” in category “Kava z pepper” on the channel “Ukraine,” Dasha said that for a long time met with Alfonso.

Даша Астафьева призналась, что долгое время встречалась с альфонсами

The groom Dasha Artyom Kim, with whom she lives for four years, helped, it would seem, the most liberated woman in the Ukrainian show-business, to overcome their complexes.

“Ninety percent of my men — that was…Alfonso. Today I can’t hide. But I am guilty of it, because it seemed to me that I’m so good, so much work, I need somewhere to spend the money. But now I know what scale this is a mistake”-

says Dasha.

A month after a first date, Dasha began to talk to Artem about the wedding. But the celebration of love still has not happened. Prevented a scandal which hit the favorite star. Last year Kim was accused of stealing twenty-seven million hryvnias from the state budget. The judicial red tape continues to this day.

“He had no documents, we have no right to go anywhere. We haven’t had any leave, anywhere, we have every day problems, work problems. I’m going somewhere a little overloaded, unable to think about anything, can’t relax. I think the wedding will be, we think it would be. It is still such a thing, it is not done when you have some problems. Our problems are family — they ran out. It seems to me that even our family is not replenished, because this state of stress, as expectations of something terrible, it really overcame me and Artem”-

says the singer.