Dasha Astafieva starred in a new clip from the outrageous rappers

Dasha Astafieva starred in the new video for “Gabelli” with the outrageous rappers group, “barrow and Assembly”. Actress and singer played the lead role, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to hochu.ua.

Даша Астафьева снялась в новом клипе с эпатажными рэперами

The mound and the Unit project of twin brothers Amili and Ramil Nasirovich and their friend Eugene Volodchenko. Members — ordinary guys from Kharkiv Bliznuki village that gained popularity through the Internet, without having behind shoulders any producer or management. Now the group is gaining millions of views and collects thousand rooms in all cities of Ukraine.

Gabeli — that periodically come to each of us. According to the band, the song was created in order to distract people from the autumn depression. And also to have something to listen to on the windowsill in unison depressive thoughts.

We took a clip Dasha, because she is a wonderful actress. Plus we have a beautiful picture, and our three @Bala not taken in this aspect.

with their own spontaneity, Amil said Nasirov.

To appear in the video Dasha Astafieva agreed almost immediately:

“It was very nice to hear that song one of the first and of course I was wondering what “gabali” (laughs). The guys from “barrow and Assembly” — my close friends. Love them for their honesty and sincerity. In our show business is a rarity. During the filming of the clip they came to Kiev and lived with me for a week. I loved the atmosphere, it was very interesting to try themselves in this role.”

The clip was filmed at the club “Warm Lamp”, and also in the forest on the “Wybuch”. And Director of the work made by Vova Evening, the author of the video “Mutant” and “Ken-pid@races.”