Dasha Astafieva told about the attitude of the beloved to her candid images

Dasha Astafyeva – one of the brightest and most outspoken stars of the Ukrainian show-business. Looking for uninhibited singer hard to believe she only recently got rid of complexes and become free from prejudice, superstition and other people’s opinions.

Даша Астафьева рассказала об отношении любимого к её откровенным образам

Dasha easily seduces fans with their erotic spicy images and artfully demonstrates on camera juicy forms. Many men jealous lover, artist, businessman Artyom Kim, because he can contemplate the Ukrainian beauty in a home environment. So, in the “GWL” star admitted, what goes around before the second half.

For example, she said that Artem did not mind her appearance at social events in a seductive, candid images.

“The man is always only supports. Sometimes I might ask nicely if I in this dress, whether good this song is. He is always on my side. I respected him for it,” said the singer.

But at home, the actress used to walk in comfortable clothes or even without it.

“At home I am always in comfortable clothes or without” — coyly said Dasha.

Video: YouTube/IWL