Dasha Astafyeva in a candid interview spoke about his former men

Dasha Astafieva is a real sex symbol of the Ukrainian show-business. The singer and actress was a favorite model of Playboy boss Hugh Hefner and 12-years — a soloist of the popular group “NIKITA”, and now has gone solo sailing. However, the love of candid photo shoots, she has survived pretty regularly stirs the network of the spicy staff. For several years she lives with the controversial businessman Artyom Kim. About why they are still not married and also about her fellow men and plans for the future and children, the actress said in the program “Sravi way” on the channel “Ukraine”.

Даша Астафьева в откровенном интервью рассказала о своих бывших мужчинах

As told Dasha, recently they groom moved to live outside the city, and even decided on the addition to the family.

“I loved to sleep earlier, but a month ago our family was enriched and we got a second dog, a girlfriend for Chichikov, whose name is Moon. And now my dream come true, I Wake up at six or seven, depends on what time we fell asleep, given the moon. — says Astafiev. My husband offered to move in with my parents, and now I think it is the best option, as it affects relationships, it affects the responsibility and to the animals that we had. We were very lucky because our parents are very modern. So, basically, we really have a good time, we have a family tradition.”

Artem singer met four years ago through common friends. Dasha admits frankly — very favorite changed her inner world.

“I’m in so much damn horrible seen next to Artem. For example, something I always did what I wanted because everything was set. Yes, do not deny, people were silent, hoarded something, some questions. Artem ignoring what I, the artist, tired, don’t want to fly with everyone. Sometimes I also not very well behaved with their parents, with their family, and that Artem told me about it. I talked to him and tried to understand what am I doing wrong, with someone else I’d would’ve fought and fled,” says the singer.

It is Artem help, it would seem, the most liberated woman in the Ukrainian show-business, to overcome their complexes. According to Dasha, she is unlucky with men, but this was her fault.

“Ninety percent of my men — that was…Alfonso. Today I can’t hide. But I am guilty of it, because it seemed to me that I’m so good, so much work, I need somewhere to spend the money. But now I know what scale this is a mistake,” says the star

A month after a first date, Dasha began to talk to Artem about the wedding. But the celebration of love still has not happened — to prevent the scandal which hit the favorite star. Last year Kim was accused of stealing twenty-seven million hryvnias from the state budget. The judicial red tape continues to this day, the couple can’t even leave the country on vacation.

“He had no documents, we have no right to go anywhere. We haven’t had any leave, anywhere, we have every day problems, work problems. I’m going somewhere a little overloaded, unable to think about anything, can’t relax, — says the artist — I think that the wedding will be, we think it would be. It is still such a thing, it is not done when you have some problems. Our problems are family — they ran out. It seems to me that even our family is not replenished, because this state of stress, as expectations of something terrible, it really overcame me and Artem”.

ASTA believes that it is the depression and the constant hassle of stopping her getting pregnant. And she wanted very much to have a favorite child.

“I would really like to see our family, and this is the first thing I want. I hate weddings, I hate clothes, I wish our family was bigger, and so the problem ended. Now I much better, because in my life came this time last year, when I realized that if I will not take myself in hand — I just will not” — says the singer.

She admits that men who courted and offered her money for sexual services.

“I recently wrote a very famous man, wrote to his assistant, a very large amount to offer you for the meeting. I said, God, do you have so much money that you offer for meeting the same amount? Well, the amount I don’t even know how many years I need to work to earn the money. It’s not a million, a little less. Just for the meeting. Also, if you don’t mind, this man wants to support you. That is a man not embarrassed that I have a favorite person,” says Astafiev and adds that her favorite is not jealous, in fact very well educated.