“Dasha Bukin” from “Happy together” told how the resin is to lose 60 kilos (photo)


«Даша Букина» из «Счастливы вместе» рассказала, как смола похудеть на 60 килограммов (фото)

Actress Natalia Bochkareva, who performed one of the main roles in the sitcom “Happy together”, managed during the year to lose weight after two pregnancies through physical activity and dance classes. She told about it in interview to the newspaper “Seven days.”

Bochkarev did not hide that after the birth of her second child in 2008, her weight had reached 120 pounds. The star is not satisfied with the figure does not balance, so she decided to take on the transformation, and only a year lost twice. The actress did not sit on a strict diet and did not refuse your favorite sweets.

“The recipe is simple: physical activity and all! I danced a lot, participating in the project “dancing with the stars”, went to the gym. There were no diets. The main thing — not to eat at night!” — said 39-year-old Disaster.

«Даша Букина» из «Счастливы вместе» рассказала, как смола похудеть на 60 килограммов (фото)

Change in appearance of a movie star was so striking, that the Network immediately there were fraudsters who began to offer a weight loss system Botchkareva. Her name has even published a book detailing the diet and nuances of the struggle with excess weight.

“Various sites post information about my superdeath, some drugs I, according to legend, took to lose weight. The most curious incident happened once when I was asked to sign a book about losing weight that I supposedly wrote. Fraudsters have published this nonsense with a circulation of 700 thousand copies to earn on gullible reader”, — admitted Disaster.

According to the stars, diet restrictions may adversely affect the General state of the organism. So she Bochkareva maintains the perfect form with the help of physical activity and encourages fans to resort to extreme diets just in case.

«Даша Букина» из «Счастливы вместе» рассказала, как смола похудеть на 60 килограммов (фото)

Now, the actress active in films and television series, as well as participates in creative meetings. Tight schedule, according to the actress, also helps to retain the cherished number on the scales. While Bochkareva does not consider herself skinny. Star weighs 60 kilograms, but does not want to lose weight then, because I believe that in life there are things more important than the endless struggle for perfect looks.

We will remind, Natalia Bochkareva became famous when, in 2006, started acting in the sitcom “Happy together”.

As previously reported “FACTS”, Natalia Bochkarev in an interview with our publication admitted that he usually buys when he’s in Kiev.

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