Dasha Kvitkova showed how they with Nikita to let off steam after a quarrel

Bachelor 9 Nikita Dobrynin and his girlfriend Daria Kvitkova – a great example of a strong and loving couple that regularly touches fans with his manifestations of affection. The lovers spend together every free minute, traveling a lot and sharing in social networks. They recently visited his hometown of Nikita in Chernivtsi, where he was introduced to Dasha with her mother. The impression that they never fight — however, as said Kvitkova, it is not.

Даша Квиткова показала, как они с Никитой выпускают пар после ссор

On his page in Instagram the girl told about the interaction with friends and how they cope with them. In addition, she demonstrated how they blow off steam after a spat — turns out in the Boxing ring!

Photo Dasha and Nikita captured during a sparring in sportswear and Boxing gloves. Thai Boxing became the perfect solution for them — it helps to relieve tension, and sports load not hurt.

“Very often I see the question:
-Dasha, you once fight with Nikita?
Well, of course;)
We’re a normal couple, we are alive. We have disagreements, we can growl at each other. We just try to let it be only with us. It so happened that before training we with Nikita almost got in a fight, but then let off steam in the ring. We decided that Thai Boxing is a kind of therapy for us as a couple. How do you release anger?” — told Kvitkova.

Netizens began to share their techniques to relieve tension, and also noted that ex-Bachelor and his chosen one interesting method.

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