Data breach at WestJet

WestJet data leak


WestJet airline customers suffered a data breach caused by a technical glitch that exposed their personal information on Wednesday evening.

“We continue to actively investigate the cause of this issue. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously and we will continue to provide updates,” confirmed to Journal Denise Kenny, public relations for the carrier. 

According to WestJet, only customers who use its app were victims of this leak, which took place for nearly 40 minutes on Wednesday evening.

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The data that has been exposed is, in the vast majority of cases, the name, telephone number, civic address, email, date of birth of customers and accumulated money in points to travel with WestJet. 

” When I opened my app, I had access to the information of about 30 people I don't know from across Canada,” Blainville resident Ronald Brisson said on Wednesday. 

Ronald Brisson, a resident of Blainville, victim of the leak at WestJet.

The latter also had his data exposed for all to see on Wednesday. 

“It’s worrying because you don’t know into whose hands my information will fall. Afterwards, it can lead to fraud,” says Mr. Brisson.

According to our information, however, the customers' bank details were not exposed. At the time of publication, WestJet did not indicate the number of people affected by this data breach.  

“ A technical issue has been identified that has affected the profiles of customers on the WestJet app,” says Denise Kenny, without giving further details. 

Ms Kenny also did not disclose whether the data leak had only took place in Canada. 

On social media, Le Journal found dozens of posts from carrier customers who complained about the leak Wednesday night.&nbsp ;

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