Daughter Cindy Crawford battled their risky outfits

Career 18-year-old daughter of Cindy Crawford is gaining momentum. She’s a regular on the catwalk at the shows of the top model homes: MaxMara, Givenchy, Chloe.

Дочка Синди Кроуфорд сразила своими рискованными нарядами

Was held in Paris fashion show collection spring-summer 2020 Valentino, where young Gerber appeared in a shockingly revealing outfit. It was simply a black long jacket, black pencil skirt with high waist and … totally sheer black chiffon blouse with a large bow. When passing the bow developed, the jacket was unbuttoned, and the audience it was clear that under the blouse generally no underwear. In this candid outfit daughter Crawford appeared on the podium, perhaps for the first time.

Дочка Синди Кроуфорд сразила своими рискованными нарядами

Note that for the next fashion show — Givenchy — Kaya also appeared in a rather daring outfit. Though this time, a pink satin top covered everything you need. But he himself, according to some, resembled not the top, but rather the bra. However, the attention of the audience that night was focused on another part of the body Kaya. On the back under the scapula attentive viewers noticed a small tattoo. How did you consider the fans later, looking at the pictures from the show, this tattoo represents the name of the famous song of the Beatles — “strawberry fields”. This is the 5th tattoo young model. Note that all of them are quite small, monochrome and are located in inconspicuous places: on the inner side of forearms bears the words “Jordan” (her middle name), the element of drawing by Pablo Picasso on the other forearm, on the edges on the line lowered his hands, you notice the floral ornament and the rocket at the ankle.

“To be 18 means independence!” — said proudly in an interview with British Vogue Kaia, who celebrated his day of birth the next in early September. The model, who began his career in 14 years, has every right to say so, because it is no longer dependent on their mother Cindy. Recall that Kaya is quite a modest girl, not seen any too frivolous behavior, nor addicted to prohibited drugs. And she likes to sing and writes his own songs, which, however, are not yet available to the General public.