Daughter of Milla Jovovich graced the cover of gloss

43-year-old Milla Jovovich, who is now pregnant with my third child, the model boasted the first successes of his eldest heir, ever Gabo. The girl went in the footsteps of star mother and started her career from modeling. By the way, 11-year-old ever graced the cover of Jalouse Magazine, in the early 90s did and her mother at the same age as the daughter.

Дочь Миллы Йовович украсила обложку глянца

In the photo the daughter of Milla Jovovich posed on the suspended swing by the ocean. Put a star successor to the Prada brand. On the cover of the publication the girl appeared in a white floor-length dress with appliques in the form of yellow roses. The following screenshot Gabo was shot in black-and-white blouse with coloured sleeves.

Milla Jovovich proudly presented the daughter of his fans, stating he admires her modeling success. She also remembered that was the first celebrity who appeared on the cover of the magazine when it opened in 1997. Now Jovovich is ready to help future careers ever.

For me it is very personal. I cooperated with this journal in the distant 90’s, and now with cover looks at me own daughter. I’m very happy to show you this work

noted in the caption to the photo Jovovich.

It is worth noting that the now 11-year-old ever Gabo acted in secret project in London, which is known only that the film will be released in 2020.