Daughter Olya Polyakova “complained” mom

The eldest daughter Olga Polyakova, Maria is an aspiring blogger, model and singer. The girl has not yet decided who he wants to be in the future, but made it clear that he plans to connect his life with creativity and show business. In the summer she attended a modeling camp in Greece and Ukraine, and then in sports in the United States. 14-year-old blogger carefully zapisyvala video, talking in detail about his American journey. Masha also likes to show the fans of fashion images and show new things.

Дочь Оли Поляковой «пожаловалась» на маму

Fresh photos in Instagram’s daughter Olya Polyakova appeared before the followers in a delicate translucent white loose dress with lace insert at the chest and wide ruffles at the bottom hem. As accessories – some trendy hair clips with beads-pearls and large earrings.

“Look how pretty I am, and my mom says I’m a fool,” he left the girl in an unexpected signature to a spectacular staff.

It is worth noting that Mary did not put the comma that is immediately noted in the comments her mother Olya Polyakova.

“This is all because you do not put punctuation,” wrote the singer and added some laughing smileys.

Subscribers assured Mary that her mother was joking, but in fact she is favorite daughter of the mountain. Could not resist commentators and compliment the girl.

  • Your mother, will tear to pieces any for you. I understand that this is a joke, but it is not necessary to sign the so photos…
  • The most beautiful!
  • Very beautiful
  • Divine
  • This mom joking around with you
  • Beauty, foretold FLM “Malena”
  • You are very beautiful
  • Very pretty
  • Your mom loves you very much! And you’re gorgeous!
  • Masha, you’re wonderful. Sincere and real