Daughter Olya Polyakova demonstrated a stylish way this summer


Masha Polyakova after quite a long break like fashionable blogera, finally pleased many thousands army of fans an update. Recall that at the moment, daughter, “Queen of the night” is on vacation in the United States. Namely, in the state of California. So, before Mary said that he had gone to a sports camp in the USA. By the way, Mary was the model camp in Greece! 14-year-old Masha discouraged fans bad news. It turned out that the rules of the sports camp, the participants do not use phones. So the girl was forced to say goodbye to long time subscribers.

Дочь Оли Поляковой продемонстрировала стильный образ этого лета

It seems that the ban is no longer valid. As Mary showed a new photo from California. Maybe training in the sports camp came to an end. Or just appeared a little slack. In any case, Polyakova, Jr. back.

In a new photo she showed a very stylish way this summer. The picture shows Mary posing in white shirt with hyperonymy puff sleeves. This is one of the trends of summer 2019. Also complement black sundress. From accessories — trend straw hat with a wide brim. Also see a small yellow shoulder bag. Posing the girl on a shop counter drinks. And in the hands also holds some juice.

“3 of your qualities that most help you in your life?” — appealed to the fans Masha.

Subscribers girls were also quick to comment on her new photo:

  • “You’re so beautiful.”
  • “Beauty))) You’re very cool”
  • “Krasunya, love you”
  • “Super photo”
  • “The Queen”
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