Daughter Olya Polyakova took a walk with his father in Lviv

Masha Polyakova from time to time attends concerts star mom. This time the performance of Oli in hysterical and majestic Lviv was the occasion for a family trip.

Дочь Оли Поляковой прогулялась с отцом по Львову

In the section stories Instagram Masha decided to pointright fans. In the short video, she invited followers to guess which city is.

“Guys I am now in a very historic city. One of the oldest cities of Ukraine. Guess where I am?” she asked.

Дочь Оли Поляковой прогулялась с отцом по Львову

The majority of subscribers are girls assumed she went to the city. It was here her mom was planning a big concert on Saturday, September 21.

“That’s right, I’m in Lviv. It’s very beautiful! A bit like Paris,” — shared his impressions of the daughter stars.

While Olga Polyakova finished last preparations before the performance and rehearsed, Masha went for a walk around the city with dad and Vadim Polyakov. A man repeatedly appeared in the frame, however, often on the back.

Дочь Оли Поляковой прогулялась с отцом по Львову

“We just ate and go home to gather for the concert. It’s so cool,” said the girl.

In the evening Masha literally threw stories videos from the concert mom. Some of the songs she sang together with the singer.