Daughter Olya Polyakova’s posed in a translucent dress

14-year-old outrageous singer Olya Polyakova’s Mary again surprised users of the network, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to Politico.

Дочь Оли Поляковой позировала в полупрозрачном платье

As you know, Olya Polyakova — the flamboyant pop singer who wears the proud title of superblondinka Ukrainian scene. Star is pleased to share with fans the best photos on social networks. Daughter Olya Polyakova’s follows its example. And today on his official page in Instagram he published a vivid and provocative pictures.

So, the girl posing on presents photos in a light, semi-transparent dress and white Bobby pins in flowing hair. The girl happily smiling and looking into the lens squinting the eyes because of the bright rays of the sun.

“Look how beautiful I am and my mom says I’m a Fool ))),” – says Masha with a new post.

Дочь Оли Поляковой позировала в полупрозрачном платье

The girl’s mother did not remain indifferent and also jokingly said: “This is all because you do not put punctuation 😂😂”. As expected, users will not remain indifferent and has written many other comments:

“Your mother, will tear to pieces any for you . I understand that this is a joke… but it is not necessary to sign the so photo. …”, “All moms that you can blurt out from exhaustion, but nobody takes seriously family bloopers”, “Here is a twist, she defends you, intercedes, and so you! Don’t appreciate you”, “So you like her😂”, “You’re beautiful❤ it’s amazing greetings from Greece😍”, “Hm why does she say that? “Your mother loves you very much!!! And you’re gorgeous!”, “It’s my mom jokes so you😘”.