Daughter Polyakova demonstrated enhanced training in the gym

The eldest daughter Olga Polyakova, Maria Polyakova on par with star mother and even with her sports and keeping fit. In the summer the girl went to the model camp, and spent two weeks, first in Greece and then in Ukraine.

Дочь Поляковой продемонстрировала усиленные занятия в спортзале

14-year-old Masha lost a lot of weight and became much fitter and sportier, she gladly shared your achievements with your followers in instagram. At home, despite the beginning of the school year, she continues to train hard, because she began working as a model and even managed to pose for a magazine cover.

In stories daughter Polyakova made a video like she does in the gym under the supervision of a coach. The girl was dressed in comfortable top and leggings, and wore the special comfortable shoes for running. She goes on a treadmill and says that for the sake of training missed physical education, because she had gym sessions, lasting 1.5 hours.

“The most insulting, that the latter rock gym, but you go to the gym and doing an hour and a half. And my coach,” explained the girl.

Дочь Поляковой продемонстрировала усиленные занятия в спортзале

“And I am happy because I turned on the Elevator, because two weeks went on foot to the highest floor, and now I’m going,” later said Masha.