Daughter Polyakova in a daring mini flashed her long legs

Daughter Olya Polyakova, Maria, recently returned with his mother from Sunny Italy. The artist and the girl admitted that they were delighted from Sicily – wonderful nature, delicious food and a lot of impressions from a luxury Villa where they were staying. On arrival in Kiev, Masha decided to share with followers Instagram stylish photos in trendy dress jacket and a little chat with your network audience.

Дочь Поляковой в дерзком мини сверкнула длинными ножками

Girl posing in trendy baseball cap and black dress-jacket with large buttons. As shoes, she preferred a massive bright sneakers. Mary dismissed his luxurious long hair and slightly curled them, forming natural curls. Street photoshoot on the balcony in the sunshine was a success!

“How would you describe yourself?” — she turned to her followers, wanting closer to meet them.

Followers began to share their answers in comments and also write compliments for daughter of the stars.

  • Cutie
  • What a beauty!
  • Top girl in the world
  • Beauty mom
  • Wai class
  • Chic
  • Wow, gorgeous
  • Neimovirna Garnier photo. Duzhe similar to his Talanova matusu
  • Beautiful, high and very similar to the mother