Daughter Volochkova was a copy of star moms (photos)

Дочь Волочковой стала копией звездной мамы (фото)

Controversial Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, who recently scared the fans thinness, boasted grown daughter Ariadne.

14-year-old girl came with a friend to the speech of the mother and delighted everyone with his appearance and manners.

Дочь Волочковой стала копией звездной мамы (фото)

Ariadne politely talked to journalists and spoke admiringly about his mother. “Just amazing. And all these acrobatic tricks mother learned in a relatively short period of time. It amazes me” — he praised her mother.

And fans Volochkova said that Ariadne is a copy of his star mother. However, like the girl on Anastasia in his youth, when her appearance was called “angelic”.

Now Volochkova is criticized for her way of life, shocking, alcohol abuse, revealing outfits and even for how she lost weight. So, in the photo of the ballerina many have not pay attention to her daughter, and the too skinny knees.

Дочь Волочковой стала копией звездной мамы (фото)

Recall that recently Ariadna eclipsed on the red carpet of his stepmother.

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