Daughter Zavorotnyuk showed a new shining photo

Дочь Заворотнюк показала новое сияющее фото

23-year-old daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, which was discharged from a private clinic, is active again on social networks. Anne, as if nothing had happened, publishes vivid photos, showcasing stylish autumn images. In a new photo babe shows off sleek image — she’s posing in a black trench coat with a wide belt. In the caption under the photo Anna tells trusts to style their beautiful hair.

Дочь Заворотнюк показала новое сияющее фото

Recall, one of the last posts in Instagram Anastasia Zavorotnyuk devoted daughter. She also expressed her pride and said that Anna has launched his own brand of clothing.

The latest publication of the Actresses was a picture of the heroine of the series “My fair nanny” Victoria Prutkovsky. More than a month ago Zavorotnyuk disappeared from the network. Appeared rumors that the actress was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor fourth stage.

Relatives of the actress still did not comment on the condition of the actress. They are asked to leave their family alone. Meanwhile, anonymous sources report that the car crash was discharged from a private clinic. The witnesses barely knew the actress. They say she was very stout from drugs.

Further treatment will take place in a rehabilitation center. While we are on a recovery of the actress, unfortunately, is not.

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