David Beckham once again leaves his family for the sake of business

In a recent interview the famous footballer David Beckham has shared his plans for the near future. A celebrity is going to leave England and America for a long period to realize a promising project.

Дэвид Бекхэм в очередной раз оставляет семью ради бизнеса

David will once again live away from his spouse Victoria and their children. Footballer’s wife repeatedly complained that she was not happy with this lifestyle, and she strives to live together, but Beckham, this does not seek, apparently. The player announced that his new business idea is implemented in the Autonomous region of China called Macau.

It turns out that 44-year-old Beckham and his business partner Gordon Ramsay, decided to bring to life what has never been done. They are developing the hotel project, which will be unique to China and throughout Asia, similar in these countries, the gift simply does not exist.

David finished his football career five years ago. At the moment, it was interesting to try yourself as a hotelier. He will invest the money in this hotel, but will not exclusively own it, the celebrity decided to become a Manager, who will be in the building around the clock to monitor yourself. The hotel will be called the Londoner, which translated to English means “Londoner”.

According to Beckham, the building’s facade will resemble the majestic Parliament. Inside, the interior is decorated in the style of old England. He and his partner fully trusts the imagination of the designer. By the way, the most interesting is that the street on which will be located hotel, fully rekonstruiruet in London style.

At the front doors of all the visitors of the hotel will meet a real mercenary crew horse-drawn, but it is not the most important thing that will impress guests. David promises that everyone will be able to experience the impeccable service that only exists in his beloved London. The chef at the hotel will run itself Ramsay and the kitchen respectively the British style.

The Beckham constantly in my head there are ideas that separate him from his family. The last years he spent in Miami because that’s where he decided to create a football club. At that time, his wife and children lived in London. This year, Victoria Beckham has insisted on the acquisition of a large mansion in Miami, to their whole family finally lived together. Unfortunately, not long lasted family happiness, because very soon, David will go on for a long time in China.

Detractors comment on the situation is very hard, alluding to the fact that the player is doing it on purpose. Fans argue that Beckham loves the bachelor life, and new project in China will enable him to enjoy the solitude.