David Krejci wants his hands back

David Krejci wants his hands back


Forward David Krejci doesn't seem to regret his decision to return to the Boston Bruins this year and he's already enjoying the team's entourage, saying he's found great chemistry with his mates threesome at training camp. 

Indeed, the veteran who signed a one-year, $1 million contract – without performance bonuses – skated alongside David Pastrnak and Taylor Hall, two players recognized for their offensive qualities. If the recipe is the right one and the team accumulates successes, he will receive much more than his base salary in 2022-2023. Judging by his comments, the Czech is optimistic in many ways.

“It's great,” he told the Bruins' Twitter account when asked about the coordination existing at the within his line of attack. It's great to be back. […] There are so many new faces, the game plan has changed a bit too. That's stuff I'm used to, but now I can't wait to play games.”

The opportunity could certainly present itself soon, with the next exhibition duel of the troop of head coach Jim Montgomery being scheduled for Saturday against the Philadelphia Flyers.

“Obviously, that’s a lot of months that I haven't played competitive level matches. It's about picking up the necessary speed, but for the rest, I'm confident that I'm in control,” he said.


Except that more precisely, the 36-year-old player who played 51 games in his native country last season will have to rely on his full arsenal to ensure sufficient production in the eyes of the organization. The preparations started at the start of camp last week are going smoothly.

“The legs are fine and to be honest, I'm still working on my hands to find them and make good passes. I see the ice better, it's better than what I saw in the summer skating sessions, he assessed. Once I got here, I found it was going faster. […] On the other hand, it is for this reason that we organize camps and I hope to pick up the pace by playing a few matches before the real matches.

Krejci could turn out to be a crucial for the Bruins, who will battle hard in the Atlantic Division with powerhouses like the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning, in addition to upgraded clubs like the Ottawa Senators. In his senior year in Boston, 2020-21, he had 44 points in 51 outings.