David Lynch responded with a joke at honorary Oscar

Famous Director David Lynch was awarded an honorary Oscar, reports the Chronicle.infoso with reference to the Correspondent.

Дэвид Линч отреагировал шуткой на почетный Оскар

The awards ceremony of the American Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences took place on the night of October 28 in Los Angeles. In 2019, an honorary Oscar, awarded for contributions to the cinematic arts and for outstanding service to the Academy, got David Lynch.

The Director joked, saying to the jury that they have “a very interesting taste.”

Honorary Oscar awarded actor Wes Studi, writer and Director Lina wertmuller and the actress Gina Davis.

That David Lynch was awarded an honorary Oscar, it became known in June 2019, but the ceremony was held only right now. Previously, Lynch was thrice nominated for an Oscar for the film the elephant Man, Blue velvet and Mulholland Drive, but the reward was never received.