Day Martin Luther king’s best quotes freedom fighter

The Nobel peace prize, a well-known fighter against racism Martin Luther king January 15, 2020, would have turned 91.

День Мартина Лютера Кинга: лучшие цитаты борца за свободу

The bust of the king in the Great rotunda of the Capitol in Washington. Photo: Depositphotos

To this date he has not lived, in 1968, king was shot by a sniper and died of his wounds in the hospital. But, thanks to its great contribution to the freedom and science in the USA and worldwide on the third Monday of January is the Day of Martin Luther king continue to celebrate until now.

This day is a Federal holiday US, holiday in all schools, banks, offices and post offices. TV channels of America conduct stream clips of speeches Martin king 60 years. In churches the preceding Sunday preach. Traditionally Monday conduct memorial services and ceremonies that are to be reminded about the life of Martin Luther king on the struggle for peace.

It all began on 16 January 1986, when the bust of the king was installed in the Great rotunda of the Capitol in Washington. The black American has received this honor for the first time. And 20 January of the same year, the Americans for the first time celebrated Day of Martin Luther king.

To this Day ForumDaily remembered some interesting facts from the life of Martin Luther king and the most striking quotes of the great freedom fighter.

The record for most awards

King was awarded at least 50 honorary degrees from various colleges and universities.


When you write large sections of his doctoral thesis king plagiarized. According to a special Commission, Boston University, 45% of the first part and 21 percent of the second part were taken from the works of other authors. However, scientific degree, he was not deprived due to its importance for the civil rights movement.

The youngest Nobel prize winner

In 1964, king became the youngest Nobel peace prize winner. He was awarded for leadership in non-violent resistance to racial prejudice in the United States.

The owner of your own asteroid

In honor of Martin Luther king named the asteroid 2305 king.

Despite the fact that since the death of the preacher it has been almost 50 years, his comments remain relevant to this day.

День Мартина Лютера Кинга: лучшие цитаты борца за свободу

Photo: Depositphotos

We offer you the top 10 most striking quotes king:

1. The ultimate measure of human value is not how he behaves in times of comfort and convenience, but how he holds up in times of struggle and contradictions.

2. People hate each other because they fear each other; afraid, because nothing about each other do not know; I do not know because they do not communicate, and cannot communicate, because separated.

3. Even if I will learn to hope at least one person, I did not live in vain.

4. Host evil without resistance, becomes his accomplice.

6. In the end we will remember not the insults of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

7. Nonviolence — a powerful and loyal weapon. It is unique in the history of the weapon which wins, without causing wounds. It is a healing sword.

8. Love is the only force capable of turning any enemy into a friend.

9. If a man has not discovered something he will die for, he is not fit to live.