“Dead for a Dollar”: in the land of cowboys

“Dead for a Dollar”: In Cowboy Country


Unfortunately, the shots of Christoph Waltz, Rachel Brosnahan and Willem Dafoe miss the target. 

In 1897, Max Borlund (Christoph Waltz), hunter emeritus bounty, has just been hired by Martin Kidd (Hamish Linklater) to find his wife, Rachel (Rachel Brosnahan). Apparently, the latter was kidnapped by Elijah (Brandon Scott). Meanwhile, because the Wild West is not a quiet place, notorious criminal Joe Cribbens (Willem Dafoe) seeks revenge on Borlund after spending the last five years in prison.

That's it for the two main stories, drowned in several other subplots and unnecessary twists, which unfortunately dilutes them. Because there is also a group of Mexicans, a friend of Elijah who comes to his defense as well as Rachel, who is far from having been kidnapped.

It is Christoph Waltz who is the most disappointing, his role as a bounty hunter in Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unleashed' making this one all the more bland. Willem Dafoe's character lacks development and seems there only to add a name to the credits. Only Rachel Brosnahan has some interesting dialogue – during a scene in a bathtub with Christoph Waltz in particular – but everything remains not only predictable, but poorly paced. And the landscapes of the American West fail to make up for these shortcomings. What a pity that this western does not keep its promises.

  • Rating: 2.5 out of 5