Deadlines are approaching: how fast to Real ID and what happens if you do

October 1, 2020 will come deadline for replacing your old driver’s license or identity card document format Real ID is a new, more secure form of identification, which, including, will allow U.S. citizens to travel by plane inside the country, writes Yahoo.

Сроки приближаются: как быстро получить Real ID и что будет, если вы этого не сделаете

Photo: California DMV

From 1 October, a document which many travelers from the United States used to pass security checks at the airport and boarding the plane (for example, their standard driver’s license or identification card state photo), will no longer be a valid form of identification for domestic flights. Instead, the adult citizens (18 years and older) must have a driver’s license or ID, the corresponding Real ID to fly domestically.

The main questions about Real ID, said the expert travel industry Werner Kunz, CEO of Fareportal company, specializing in tourism and technology behind such major projects as CheapOair and OneTravel.

Why do you need Real ID

This question is particularly relevant in 2020, when the deadline is only a few months. In accordance with the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission, Congress passed a Law on identity documents for Real ID in 2005. As Kunz explains, the law establishes additional safety standards to identify U.S. residents traveling by air, and prohibits all Federal agencies from taking any IDs that do not meet the new requirements.

“The idea is to strengthen national security and to complicate the theft of personal data,” he says.

Real ID will replace your current ID and will serve all the same purpose. However, Kunz says that for those who did not went to travel, in some States, the standard ID will still be valid for all other purposes, including driving and voting.

“It is worth noting that some States, such as Maryland, initiating a permanent shift to Real ID,” he adds. If you are in doubt about what and where considered valid, ask for clarification from the Department of legislation of your state.

Also keep in mind that Real ID is only valid for domestic flights in the United States, and that a passport or passport card is still required for all international travel, as before.

You will need to come to DMV

“Currently, 48 of 50 States ready to use Real ID, says Kunz. — Oklahoma and Oregon got the right to extended versions of IDs”.

In the United States that meet the requirements for issuing Real ID, DMV (Department of motor vehicles of the state) is the only place where you can get the document and you will have to come to their office personally. It can be a burdensome task, but it should be done.

How to facilitate the acquisition of Real ID

Kunz said there are several ways to speed up the process.

One simple thing you can do to make your life easier, is to make an appointment, because the DMV will be a long queue consisting of other people who are planning to renew your ID. Another tip that Kunz especially emphasizes: be ready to provide all the necessary documentation.

Here is a list of all physical documents you need to bring to DMV:

  • passport or birth certificate (no photocopies!);
  • social security card (SS) OR a document that shows your SS number (for example, form W-2);
  • two documents proving your place of residence, and mailing address (e.g. utility bills).

To pay for issue of a new certificate can be cash, cheque or debit card.

“Please keep in mind that fees can vary from state to state, but will almost certainly be below 50 dollars,” said Kunz.

Some States may require additional paperwork, so check the details web site of your DMV.

Finally, check whether you can send the required documents online before heading to the DMV. The Department of homeland security has allowed some States to take the necessary documents in digital form before the personal interview. Candidates who submit their documents in digital format, you still must apply personally to the DMV, but it is hoped that this opportunity will help to accelerate the process.

You already have a Real ID? Here’s how to check it

Good news for some residents of the United States: it is likely that you already have a Real ID, but you didn’t pay attention to it. This fact will save you from a trip to the DMV. How to determine whether your current document ID is Real ID?

“If in the upper right corner of your driver’s license or ID card is a gold or black star, you have everything ready, says Kunz. Unfortunately, a small number of States, including Hawaii, Ohio, Utah and Tennessee, gave compatible ID without asterisk, so it is best to contact the state legislature, if in doubt”.

Possible restrictions on travel, if you don’t have Real ID to 1 Oct

“In most cases, those who do not meet the requirements of Real ID by October 1, 2020, will not be able to get on commercial aircraft for domestic flights, explains Kunz. — Such States as Michigan, Vermont, Minnesota and new York to offer enhanced driver’s licence that can be used instead of Real ID. Other forms of acceptable ID will include a passport or passport card.”

A full list of acceptable forms of ID, including driver’s license, the appropriate Real ID can be found on the website of the TSA.

Don’t delay

Yes, October 1 is continuing to move in, and no, nobody likes the DMV — but don’t let these two problems make you to defer receipt of the document to the last.

“My main advice is to start the process as soon as possible, says Kunz. — Waiting time the DMV will only increase as it approaches the deadline of 1 October. I also strongly recommend to study the specific requirements in your state, as they may vary. It is always better to be prepared before you have to go through the process of identification of any kind.”

Just do it — later you will be grateful yourself.



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