Deadly threat: in the United States withdraw a large shipment of disinfectant for the hands

About 19 000 bottles sold across the country, disinfectant for the hands withdraw due to the possible content of toxic substances. The product is used as sanitizer and moisturizer for the hands, says Fox Business.

Смертельная угроза: в США отзывают крупную партию дезинфицирующего средства для рук

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According to the report, published by Management on control over products and medicines USA (FDA) on Monday, July 6, liter bottles of disinfecting and moisturizing hand sanitizer All Clean Hand Sanitizer, Moisturizer and Disinfectant from ITECH 361 can contain methanol, which can be toxic by contact with skin or inside.

The product is Packed in plastic bottles with the UPC code 628055370130, according to the FDA.

The FDA warning States that significant exposure to toxic chemicals can cause nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, convulsions, coma, irreversible damage to the nervous system or death.

“Although those who use these products in their hands are in danger, young children who accidentally consume these products inside, as well as teenagers and adults who drink these products as a substitute for alcohol (ethanol), are most at risk of methanol poisoning,” — said the Agency.

To date, ITECH 361 has not received any reports of adverse effects associated with the affected products. Currently, the company notifies its distributors and arrange for return/replacement of all recalled products, according to FDA.

Смертельная угроза: в США отзывают крупную партию дезинфицирующего средства для рук

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Recently, the Agency warned consumers that faced with a “sharp increase in disinfectants for hands, which is labeled as containing ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol), but with a positive result for contamination with methanol”.

As a result, the Agency published a list of more than a dozen products that have been evaluated by the FDA and found that they contain methanol. 18 products were recalled either by the manufacturer or distributor, in accordance with the latest update by the FDA.

The FDA say that methanol should not be used in disinfectants for hands because of its toxicity, and consumers who have been exposed should seek immediate medical help.

Anyone with the above disinfectants, should return them to place of purchase. Consumers can contact the company for further instructions and to consult a doctor if they experience any problems with this product, said the FDA.


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