Death and hospitalization vapers: what’s really going on

In the USA the death toll from a mysterious disease of the lungs caused by Smoking electronic cigarettes, made up of six people. Nearly 400 vapers with similar symptoms are under supervision of doctors, 60 of them in new York.

Смерти и госпитализации вейперов: что происходит на самом деле

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On Sunday, the Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo’s emergency order banned the sale in the state flavored electronic cigarettes. Earlier, a similar ban was introduced in Michigan on stage — California and Massachusetts, BBC reports.

Last week the problem was discussed at the White house. The Minister of health Alex Azar has promised in the near future to develop a plan for full withdrawal from sale of flavored liquids for wapow — the market should remain only electronic cigarettes with flavor of tobacco.

While initially vaping positioned as a safer alternative to traditional Smoking. In electronic cigarettes no tobacco, and even nicotine — not a necessary ingredient of a Smoking liquid.

As events unfolded?

The first reports of the outbreak of severe lung disease among vapers appeared in early August, though it later emerged that in some patients the symptoms began to appear in April.

Smokers electronic cigarettes — mostly young people aged around 20 years — started to go to the doctor with complaints of shortness of breath, cough and chest pain, and symptoms every day was getting worse. Some of the disease is accompanied by fever, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain.

By mid-month in 14 States were hospitalized for a total of nearly 100 people. Some of them had to be placed in intensive care and even connect to the apparatus artificial respiration.

23 Aug the government of Illinois reported the first dead patient.

“The severity of the disease, from which people suffer, guards, — said the head of the state Department of health. We need to tell everyone that vaping can be dangerous.”

Смерти и госпитализации вейперов: что происходит на самом деле

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According to recent reports, American authorities confirmed the 380 cases of severe lung diseases caused by Smoking electronic cigarettes, in 36 States.

Six patients taken to hospital, died. About them a little information, but it is known that at least three of them — people are not young but middle and old age.

What causes the disease?

We don’t know that, though doctors have several plausible assumptions.

The centers for disease control US emphasize: “We don’t yet know what caused these cases. The ongoing investigations have failed to point to specific e-cigarette or other products used for vaping (devices, fluid, changeable pods and/or cartridges), or specific substances that would be connected all the time.”

However, many experts believe that lung failure can be caused by inhalation of vitamin E in an oil form. It contains various additives used in the preparation of liquids for electronic cigarettes.

When applied topically and even ingested vitamin E is safe (if you do not exceed the dosage), but if aspirated into the lungs it may disrupt the normal breathing process.

The same applies to some of the flavors that may decompose when heated, forming new substances not present in the original scent.

In addition, the inflammatory response in the lungs can cause themselves, the basic components of the Smoking liquid, usually a mixture of glycerin and propylene glycol.

Whether vaping is less harmful than Smoking?

The simple answer to this question — we don’t know.

Смерти и госпитализации вейперов: что происходит на самом деле

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The first electronic cigarette appeared on the market only in 2006 — and despite the huge popularity of vaping around the world, especially among the youth, its impact on the body in the long term we know very little.

However, many smokers switched to them from regular cigarettes because the manufacturers wapow has positioned them as a safer alternative to the harmful habit.

On the one hand, smokers of electronic cigarettes inhale the dense vapor of a boiling liquid, and not tobacco smoke contains thousands of harmful chemical compounds (although nicotine is dangerous regardless of the form of consumption).

On the other, to consider pairs of safe vaping also does not. In addition to the above components, there contains a lot of “potentially harmful” compounds (the list of the American Ministry of health started only last year) and quite a few well-known toxic contaminants, including carcinogens and toxic substances. This is not to mention the cheap fillers homemade.

In addition, there is strong evidence that electronic cigarette vapor contains traces of metals from the heating element, or from other parts of the Smoking device.

Scientists continue to study the impact of vaping on health.

Just a month ago was published another article, which the authors found in the lungs of vapers to the high content of enzymes protease — like ordinary smokers. It is known that the “tobacco companies” this can lead to the development of emphysema.

“Our results show that vaping may be no less dangerous than Smoking,” says Professor of cell biology at the University of North Carolina and principal author of the work of Robert Taran.