Death of a firefighter in Boischatel: shortcomings identified by the CNESST

Death of a firefighter in Boischatel: gaps identified by the CNESST


Firefighter Martin Tremblay, who died fighting a residence fire in Boischatel in December 2021, should not have ended up where he was fatally crushed by a structure.  

The Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST) unveiled Wednesday morning the conclusions of its investigation into the tragedy that cost the life to a father of three children on December 19, 2021.

During the events, the 43-year-old man was on the terrace behind the residence located under an extension of the building made a few years earlier.

It was this enlargement that collapsed on him, nearly 45 minutes after the start of the blaze. The CNESST found a construction defect in this part of the residence, which worsened its condition.

But defect or not, this area should have been identified as a dangerous zone where firefighters should not not be found, which was not done.

The presence of a firefighter at this location was contrary to the defensive strategy that had been adopted since no human life was threatened in the home.

“The firefighters find themselves there at the time of the collapse, despite it being a defensive strategy,” explained Inspector Stéphanie Deschamps.

The CNESST noted that the commander did not have a complete reading of the situation.

We also learned that the tragedy could have been worse, because at a certain point the firefighter Tremblay was accompanied by a colleague on the terrace.

More details to come…