Death of Elizabeth II: a queen close to her subjects

Death of Elizabeth II: a queen close to her topics


Even though she hasn't set foot on Canadian soil since 2010 due to health issues, Queen Elizabeth II valued the land of the maple leaf as evidenced by his many visits over the years. 

In 70 years of reign, Her Majesty The Queen has traveled from the United Kingdom no less than 22 times to meet her subjects in Canada, more than in any other Commonwealth country. 

< p>“ She always had a special affection for Canada, and it was mutual. There really was an intangible bond between the two,” said Karim Al-Dahdah, spokesperson for the Monarchical League of Canada.

His last visit, in June 2010, notably allowed him to participate in the celebrations of Canada Day in Ottawa, and to praise it in front of 100,000 people gathered on Parliament Hill.  < /p>

“My mother once said that this country was like a home to the Queen of Canada. I am delighted to report that this is still the case […] It's good to be home! “, she said on her arrival in the country. 

During this visit, the royal couple notably visited Quebec, Cap-Tourmente, Rivière-du-Loup and La Pocatière. The photo was taken during a state dinner offered by the Canadian government at the Château Frontenac.

Repatriation of the Constitution 

It was on this same hill that the patriation of the Constitution had been ratified 28 years earlier, in April 1982.   

Queen Elizabeth II, then 56, had traveled from Buckingham Palace to put her signature to the Royal Proclamation of the Constitution, alongside the Prime Minister , Pierre Elliot Trudeau. 

This conclusion to attempts that had all failed for more than 50 years attracted a few tens of thousands of people, despite the bad weather.  

It was a historic victory for English Canada, while the Premier of Quebec, René Lévesque, cheated a few months earlier by Trudeau, protested in Montreal. 

During a visit to Canada in 1977 on the occasion of her silver jubilee (25th anniversary of her accession to the throne), the Queen had met in Quebec with the premiers of the provinces, including René Lévesque (second from left), leader of the Parti Québécois.

A more hostile Quebec 

The Queen's relations with Quebec have always been rather tense. His rare visits to the province have almost all ended in controversy.

When she landed in the Old Capital in 1964, demonstrations by sovereigntists were severely rebuffed by the police during what would later be called the Saturday of the truncheon. 

On the occasion of her last official visit to Quebec in 1987, the Queen and Prince Philip were greeted “politely” at the Quebec City airport.

In addition to a few appearances, notably during Expo 67 and the Montreal Olympics in 1976, it was not until 1987 that Her Majesty decided to make a new — and last — official visit to the province.


Note that in 2002, it made a brief visit to the Canadian Museum of History, in Gatineau, on the occasion of its golden jubilee. 

One hundred Hostile sovereigntists then gathered to denounce the control of the monarchy.

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