Debate: Legault is under pressure

Debate: Legault is under pressure


The day after the Face-to-Face, François Legault admitted that his performance had not been extraordinary .

Quebecers seem to be in agreement with him, because only 9% of them say that the outgoing Prime Minister won the oratory contest on TVA.

He said he didn't know he was seen on screen when one of his opponents was talking during duels. It's a bit of a surprising statement, because it's the essence of Head-to-Head to have both leaders on screen at the same time.

Mr. Legault was the only party leader who had already participated in the oratory contest hosted by Pierre Bruneau. He should have remembered this important element, it is the basis of Head-to-Head.

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Non verbal

Last Thursday, François Legault was not damaged by a question from his opponents, but by his non verbal, which gave him a bad evening.

Clearly, the head of the CAQ did not feel like being there. You could tell that he was on the defensive and that he was thinking: why am I here.

Mr. Legault may have been affected by the Leger poll published on the morning of Face-à-Face: a drop of four points for the CAQ since the start of the campaign.

< p>Not the end of the world when you lead by 20 points, but the CAQ has recruited a lot of stars. Thus, Mr. Legault has a moral duty to help them get elected.

High expectations

Tuesday morning, the caquists let out a sigh of relief when they saw the Léger poll. They are still at 38% after a disappointing Head-to-Head performance.

Tonight Francois Legault must have better times as expectations are high with projections giving the CAQ nearly 100 seats. The CAQ must therefore outperform.

To achieve this, the outgoing Prime Minister will have to prove to Quebecers that he still wants to serve them.

Debate: Legault is under pressure