Debtors for housing and communal services and serves to the court, despite the decision of the Cabinet

According to the state statistics service of Ukraine, the debt of Ukrainians for housing payments is growing exponentially. In March, citizens pay 104% of the amount of official payments, in April the debt for utility payments grew by UAH 2.2 billion.

На должников по ЖКХ подают в суд, несмотря на решение Кабмина

It is reported Politeka, reports “Hvil”.

However, it should be noted that here plays a role not only the “unwillingness” of Ukrainians pay for housing, but the financial inability of the residents.

The Cabinet of Ministers, recall, after sending a country into quarantine, made the decision not to charge for late payment of utility services fines and penalties.

First, in the event of late payment of utility bills, the customer has accrued penalties in the amount specified in the contract, but not exceeding 0.01% of the debt per day of delay. After the start of the quarantine, the government changed the rules and the period of isolation and within 30 days after the debtors for utility services is prohibited to charge penalties.

However, some debtors are still trying to impose sanctions, as the supplier of the Constitution of Ukraine has the right to sue the debtor. In such a situation, you can petition the court to transfer the case because of the quarantine.

From the words of lawyers, adopted by the later legislative act cancels the previous one.