Debts of $ 200,000 and mental health: Jérôme Landry confides in the reasons for his break

Debts of $200,000 and mental health: Jérôme Landry confides in the reasons for his break


Caught up with debts of $200,000, notably to Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency, FM93 host Jérôme Landry admits having had to take a break to take care of his mental health. 

The absence of Jérôme Landry on the airwaves of FM93 for three weeks has been noticed.

His co-host, Jonathan Trudeau, alone at the controls of the show Trudeau-Landry was not very talkative about the prolonged absence of his sidekick, simply indicating that he was sending him positive vibes.

Wishing to return to the helm of the noon show in the coming days, Jérôme Landry agreed to confide in the Journal on his financial problems which then led him to take a break radio on the recommendation of his doctor.

The host owns a company – Communications Jérôme Landry inc. – who has debts of $200,000, including $90,000 to Revenu Québec and $50,000 to the Canada Revenue Agency. 

“I am responsible for what happened with my business. I don't want anyone's pity, there's just me to blame”, launches the host straight away.

“Nothing to hide”

< p>However, he agreed to talk about his financial and psychological situation, saying he had “nothing to hide”. 

The 45-year-old says he started his business in 2015 when he left Radio X for Énergie.

“I thought I was a businessman, except that reality is is that I was a bad manager of my company at the beginning”, he punishes himself. 

“I was in denial for years, I made agreements, I 'was trying to catch up, but the amounts are increasing, the penalties,' admits Jérôme Landry.

Proposal to creditors

Faced with debts of $140,000 to the tax authorities and $60,000 to a banking institution, the decision to go to a trustee was inevitable. 

“From the moment I saw that I was forced to take measures like that, I slept badly, I ate badly, I had no more life. It was 24 hours a day, I was just thinking about that, the financial headache”, explains the one who lost 30 pounds through the ordeal. 

A composition proposal was finally presented to its creditors at the beginning of August. The legal proceedings should be settled by the end of October.

Looking forward to getting back on the air

Ensuring that he has the support of his employer, Jérôme Landry is now “very anxious” to return to the airwaves.

As for the repercussions that this disappointment could have on his career, the opinion leader leaves it up to those who listen to him. “It's the listeners who will decide,” he believes. 

Already several messages of encouragement have come to him through social media. “People send me positive vibes, people are friendly and ask me for news.”

Once this “life lesson” behind him, the host therefore hopes to move on. “I won't spend my life scratching my ass over it, even if that's nothing to be proud of,” he concludes.   

< strong>WHAT HE SAID 

  • “I'm not a victim of anyone, I'm not a victim of the taxman”
  • “I have absolutely nothing to hide, but I'm not looking for pity either” 
  • “It's gradual, but there is at times where I was on autopilot. It's very addictive, it's invasive”
  • “That's when my doctor stopped me. When you eat pu and sleep pu, you can't radio”
  • “I can't be proud of that, but people in this situation don't necessarily have to be embarrassed. It can happen in life, it happens to thousands of people a year”

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