Debunked 5 dangerous misconceptions associated with back pain

Pharmacist consultant James O loan debunked 5 of the misconceptions associated with back pain. According to him, these myths are extremely dangerous. The arguments of the expert was published by the Express.

Развенчаны 5 опасных заблуждений, связанных с болью в спине

In most cases back pain is not caused by anything serious and usually over time the condition improves. However, inconsistent and inaccurate advice can easy turn a complaint into a chronic disease, so it is important to clarify the issue, said James O loan. The first myth is the opinion of people who are unsure if they can go, so we are not talking about serious problems with the discs of the spine. The truth is, if symptoms persist for several days, you need urgent access to a doctor. If a person has back pain so severe that he loses the ability to walk or to notice weakness and numbness in the legs, that point to the likelihood of cauda equina syndrome.

One of the most common misconceptions is that bed rest may help in recovery. Only a specialist will advise easy exercises like this. All back pains require an MRI for diagnosis — another myth. In fact, most people with this problem don’t you need a diagnostic scan. In most cases, the first-line treatment involves pain relief and physical therapy.

A dangerous delusion is the fact that all herniated discs need surgery, so experiencing the pain of people trying to be treated yourself. To cope with this phenomenon is capable of exercise and special procedures. Opiates is the only analgesic that is effective for the problems with my back, which is not true. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs quite successfully cope with the task.