Debunked popular myths about weight loss


Nutritionist Maria Rickert decided to debunk some of the most popular myths about weight loss, because many people still perceive them as the guide to action. On his page on Instagram she told me how to be deceived and walk in a circle and finally start to lose weight.

Развенчаны популярные мифы о похудении

The expert also listed the excuses that often prevent us to start losing weight and gave advice on how to deal with them.

Will start on Monday/after the holidays/ next life

My favorite excuse to postpone for ever. Start here and now, in this very second. Even if the bread in your mouth, and chocolate in the queue. Because it is easier, there is this dramatic starting point, you are ALREADY in the process. Mythical Monday usually does not occur, and the celebrations continue without end.

You go on a diet

And then a tear, sit-a tear for 1000 times. Diet and the life they lead to breakdowns, ten different pounds at the top and instill healthy self-esteem very deeply.

To lose weight, just exercise

A favorite delusion of my dear husband. As shown by our experience of sport is not enough. Range of changes in the head and in the diet. With a small change in diet, he lost weight in the six months to 10 pounds without increasing habitual physical activity. In three months of regular exercise without attention to nutrition, he has not thrown off a single pound: everything needs balance.

Count calories

Calorie counting will result. But it will also mean that without counting the probability to return to throw very high. All life will turn into a calculator or lead to eating disorders. I once counted the diet of 300-500 calories per day. After a couple of times I almost fainted, threw this occupation and began to just eat normally.

Her colleague, nutritionist Lisa also joined and dispelled several well-known claims that it’s time to stop believing, because they have no relationship to adequate weight loss.

To 12, all you can eat!

And why to 12, not 12.30 or 13.15? Our body is absolutely indifferent, what time it will fly sweetie. If you put it in your daily calorie, even in the evening it will not bring you any extra pounds. Well, if you are under 12 ate junk food for 3 thousand kcal, and has exceeded for your calorie deficit, you may not be happy — all will go to Boca.

From PP-baking better

Better how! Here again is the progress in psychology: if PP, then you can eat in unlimited quantities. But no, comrades! Often, PP-desserts even more calories because of the abundance of nuts in them, dried fruits, vegetable milk, etc. all should be a measure: and PP-the usual desserts and sweets.

After 18.00 is not!

In fact, you can even need! After six can not is, someone who goes to bed at 8-9 PM. If you go to sleep at 11-12, up at 7 am and not eat in the evening, your body is starving for over 13 hours. It is already interval fasting, which has nothing to do with healthy weight loss.