Debunked the popular myth about the benefits of pomegranate

This is not a panacea.

The view that pomegranate contains a lot of iron and so it is often recommended to use the product to increase hemoglobin does not correspond to reality.

Развенчан популярный миф о пользе граната

In fact, iron in one hundred grams of this popular fruit is quite small – approximately 8%. This fact is pointed out by the famous nutritionist Svetlana FUS in his Telegram channel.

However, she noted that the pomegranate actually has in its composition vitamins and minerals, are involved in the process of hematopoiesis.

This, in particular, copper is about 16% cobalt and 21% and vitamin B6 of about 25%.

Pomegranate also contains vitamin C, although its amount is not so much – about 6%. In addition to these components, it also contains bioflavonoids and organic acids, which are also important for the formation of red blood cells. They improve the quality of our vessels and capillaries.

Contains fruit and phytoestrogens, making it useful in the diet of women during hormonal changes.

“Pomegranate is really very useful. I recommend him actively to include in the diet, especially in winter time,” said FUS.

Eliminate is, for those who have problems with acidity of the stomach, as well as suffering from exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.