Debunked the popular myth of disinfecting wounds with alcohol and peroxide

A great many people handles various scrapes and scratches with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol-containing medicinal liquids. However, the Indian doctors say that this practice should be abandoned.

Развенчан популярный миф о дезинфекции ран спиртом и перекисью

“If you got some kind of wound on the skin, I would not advise to use liquids based on alcohol for disinfection, says Professor pradip Shah from Fortis Hospital in Mumbai. — Alcohol can damage tissue and slow the healing process of wounds. Although alcohol inhibits bacterial activity in the wound, it also burns the healthy skin cells. Moreover, these injuries cause pain, swelling, irritation and itching. True, alcohol-containing liquids are used as disinfectants in medicine, but mainly on healthy and intact skin prior to injections. The same applies to hydrogen peroxide, which is often disinfected the wound.

How do you need to properly treat the wound? First, rinse it under running water from the tap. You can use antibacterial soap or any other mild soap that will only be in your house. Keep the wound under water for a few minutes to remove any dirt and blood. Then attach a dry towel, then use an antibacterial cream and apply on the wound with a dry, clean bandage or gauze bandage.

If the wound is too deep and the bleeding to stop can not, put a locking harness and urgently go to the doctor – here fatal any delay. In any case, do not use any home remedies for the treatment of wounds like turmeric, butter, or alum, because they will only worsen the inflammation.”