Decline of French: Legault worried about national cohesion

Decline of French: Legault worried about national cohesion


DRUMMONDVILLE | Maintaining the national cohesion that Quebecers have shown by sticking together goes through the protection of the French, pleaded the chief caquiste François Legault, during a first large rally in Drummondville.  

Four days before the first televised debate, the CAQ leader has made it his “duty to stop the decline of French in Quebec”, if he is re-elected Prime Minister on October 3rd. 

In front of a few hundred activists gathered on a beautiful Sunday, Mr. Legault posed as a defender of the nation. “The Quebec nation, we have resisted for 400 years. (…) We saw it, then it was one of our successes during the pandemic, it has been proven: it is here in Quebec that we followed the instructions the most, out of solidarity, because we is tightly woven, because we wanted to save lives”, proudly declared the head of the CAQ. 

A “shaken” cohesion

But this cohesion, sometimes, “is shaken and we have a duty to protect it”, he continued, recalling that the protection of French is at the heart of his plan. 

When from a press briefing on the sidelines of his rally, François Legault clarified his thinking. 

“I think it's important. I tried to explain it, why Quebecers stuck together during the pandemic? Because we are a nation, a people who are tightly woven. Then at the heart of this nation, there is French. Then there, there is a certain urgency… We have seen in the studies that have been submitted recently, that there is a decline in French. So it is important, to keep this national cohesion, to stop the decline of French. » 

When asked which of his opponents threatens national cohesion the most, François Legault turned to Québec solidaire. 

“It is certain that the parties who want to go to 70,000, 80,000 per year, newcomers, it is like mathematics. If we want to stop the decline for a while, we have to better integrate newcomers to French,” argued the head of the CAQ. 

GND main target < /p>

It is also towards Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois that the attacks of François Legault carried. In front of his activists, he notably portrayed him as the “hero” of those who want to take more money from the wallets of Quebecers. “Mr. Nadeau-Dubois: the one who taxes faster than his shadow! 

While inflation is Quebecers' greatest concern, “Mr. Nadeau-Dubois is proposing an old idea, from a old politician, that is to say increase taxes,” he lamented in a press briefing. 

“At a time when we have inflation, when we there is economic uncertainty, he is proposing to put in place new orange taxes… Quebecers must all be aware of that, ”said Mr. Legault.