Defeated as PCC leader, Jean Charest quits politics

Defeated as PCC leader, Jean Charest quits politics


In a video posted on Twitter on Sunday morning, Jean Charest announced that he was leaving politics to return to practice in the private sector. 

“I want to congratulate Mr. Poilievre for his dynamic campaign,” said Jean Charest. […]. I will remain an active activist and I will continue to defend the ideas that I have proposed to you during this leadership race. I will return to the private sector, much to the delight of my family.”

Even though he only garnered 16% of the vote compared to 68% for the new Conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre, Jean Charest stressed that the race was ” hotly contested” and that it was “very intense”.

The former Premier of Quebec explained that his Canadian ideal motivated him to move forward in the leadership race.

“A political party is not a franchise. He does not belong to a “clic” or to the “establishment”. It is therefore important that this party can be appropriated by the Canadian population,” Charest recalled.

Jean Charest also insisted on the importance for Canadians of turning to the Conservatives to form the next government. .

“This race is taking place as the Liberal government comes to the end of its term,” he said. Canadians know very well that he has nothing more to offer. It is a government unable to operate passport offices, airports or has endless delays at the Immigration Department. This is a government that, economically, has no compass or orientation.”

“This country needs leadership and a national alternative, added Jean Charest. Canadians look to us, the Conservatives, to provide them with this vision and this ability to provide them with a government for every region of Canada. We are also deeply divided […]. It is urgent for us, as a country, to give ourselves a government capable of uniting us and bringing to the same table men and women who come from Saskatchewan, Alberta, the Maritimes, the Atlantic and the Quebec. Only the Conservative Party of Canada can offer us and elect this government.”