Deficiency of this vitamin can cause cancer

If a person loses vitamin a, it can cause failure in krovoobrashseniya

Дефицит этого витамина может спровоцировать рак

Vitamin a is essential for normal functioning of the immune system and is an integral part of the process of fighting infection. Application of retinol improves the barrier function of the mucous membranes, increases the phagocytic activity of leukocytes and other factors nonspecific immunity.

Deficiency of vitamin A affects the General state of the human immune system. In addition, scientists found out that the lack of this trace element provokes a blood cancer.

All diets, which exclude ingestion of vitamin A, or cause a person to receive the item, are hazardous and cause various diseases, the researchers found. But the greatest risk is a failure in the process of krovoobrashseniya and impetus to the development of leukemia.

Substances laid down in the vitamin A contribute to the awakening of “dormant” cells in the event of illness or exposure to infection, this also applies to cancer cells which can be destroyed only during their activation. Retinoic acid, part of this vitamin is able to “put down” of active cells.

Experts believe that more understanding in the process of vitamin A and its effect on “sleep” and “awakening” of malignant cells, they will be able to make a breakthrough in medicine and will be able to find a new approach in the treatment of blood cancers.