Delayed reaction: the dog does not know he returned from the army a hostess, but then came to a complete delight

Запоздалая реакция: собака не узнала вернувшуюся из армии хозяйку, но затем пришла в полный восторг

20-year-old American Gianna Berger returned home to the Salem (Ohio) after more than ten weeks served in the army. And was discouraged when her beloved dog Murphy (who all this time lived with the girl’s parents), did not recognize her mistress. At the sight of the “stranger” Murphy got scared and tried to escape.

The return of Berger, according to Daily Mail, was caught on video. Shocked dog, not believing his eyes, several times shies away from trying to pet it Gianna. She even takes a hat, thinking that it will be easier to recognize. In the end Murphy, who tries to calm the father of Gianna, fits closer to her and finally realizes that my beloved mistress had returned. Since then, his enthusiasm has no limits, and the joy of literally growing in his eyes.

“When he didn’t recognize me at first, my heart was broken… I had no idea that Murphy would react… When he finally realized who was before him — it was the happiest moment of my life. I thought about Murphy every day. I missed him more than my mother because he didn’t know if I’m coming back someday,” says the American, who before leaving the army he lived with Murphy for three years.

Parents Jannah told me that after she left, Murphy sat for hours by the front door waiting for the hostess. And slept at the entrance to her room.