Demi Lovato first post-rehab gave an interview

27-year-old star spoke at the summit, Teen Vogue Summit in Los Angeles.

Деми Ловато впервые после реабилитации дала интервью

Popular American singer demi Lovato, who months ago almost died from a drug overdose, for the first time after the rehabilitation has given an interview.

27-year-old singer became a guest of Teen Vogue summit Summit, which was held recently in Los Angeles, where he talked about the recovery process, and touched on the theme of love for myself even after an overdose and the impact of fame.

So, a star for the first time confessed how her life changed after a drug overdose.

“In the mirror I see a person who overcame a lot. I have been through a lot, so I see the fighter. Not an absolute champion, but a fighter and someone who will continue to fight no matter what”, — said the singer.

Also demi admitted that after a long rehabilitation and a breakup with a guy she rethought a lot of things and learned to accept who she is. This is evidenced by the recent publication of Lovato where she is posing in a swimsuit, showing off cellulite.

“We hear the term “bodypositive”. Honestly, I don’t always feel confident in my body. Sometimes I don’t like what I see. I’m not lying to myself, saying that I have a great body. All that really matters is that I’m healthy,” said the singer, saying that while it does not aspire to some imposed ideals and standards, and just enjoying life without drugs.

The singer also touched on children’s popularity since she started to join since childhood and knows how fame can affect a child.

“Of course, when you’re 7 or 8 years and ask you if you want to be an actress or a singer, you just want to the scene. You’re still not old enough to realize the consequences of fame. And Yes, fame is a privilege. It gives you a lot of what you wouldn’t be able to get just so, but it has disadvantages. We must remember that these cons will stay with you for life, because when you get famous, you can not be famous. I’d like to know about it when I was a child,” has given valuable advice star.

We will remind, summer of last year, demi Lovato was hospitalized because of a drug overdose in a critical condition. And then another for three months recovering in a rehabilitation clinic.